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Water Damage Testimonials

Will & his team were absolutely amazing. We had a water heater leak which caused some damage & SERVPRO of Campbell were quick to respond and managed to help me through this stressful time in my life. I Definitely recommend SERVPRO of Campbell!!

I have worked with SERVPRO on many occasions. They are extremely efficient and quick to respond to any issue that have come up. Ron Schmiedeberg is exceptional at making things happen. I would Highly recommend SERVPRO, Ron specifically, if your looking for someone to over see your remediation needs!

This is a tough review. I hope that you never *have* to use SERVPRO, because that means something awful has happened in your life. If you do need to use a company for water damage, though, SERVPRO of Campbell are the kind of partner that you'll want to have. The staff was extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I had a SERVPRO come out to perform a water damage assessment for my home. The service professional was exceptionally helpful, friendly, and thorough. Fortunately, my home didn't require any recovery services, but I would definitely call SERVPRO again for any similar issues.

I had water damage in August of 2021 and SERVPRO was super quick to come out and mitigate the damage and ultimately had to rip out the damage. Ron and team were super great. They were fast and communicated well. They were patient with me even during the insurance hassles. Thanks guys!

After a traumatizing leak from a broken water line to my refrigerator's ice maker, I called SERVPRO for help.  Every single professional from SERVPRO was responsive and knowledgeable. The process for assessing and addressing the water damage was relatively painless for me because the SERVPRO staff was so efficient and reliable. I now have dry walls, dry floor, new flooring where there was damage, new paint, new crown molding. I especially appreciate how they went to extra trouble to match my dated crown molding. I would highly recommend SERVPRO for anyone suffering water damage.

I had a major plumbing disaster a few weeks ago and called SERVPRO, who had done work for me three years previous when my hot water heater burst in the garage and flooded part of the downstairs part of my house. At that time, I worked with Arin, who was terrific, so it was a no brainer to have these guys back for a more challenging job when I had an upstairs plumbing issue that leaked into my carpeted master bedroom and through to my garage.

This time I worked with Ron as the project manager, with Neil and George doing the work. Ron walked me through the degree of damage in detail, as well as some concerns he couldn't confirm or deny until opening walls and ceilings up. He gave me what he thought was a worst case estimate, telling me they would do what they could to manage it lower during the job, and got Neil and George out as soon as possible to begin work. The challenge was they were beginning work when I was headed out of town for the holiday. Since I have a pet/house sitter, and I knew the company from before, I decided not to cancel my trip. These guys didn't let me down. 

The worked with my house sitter, so we could manage the pets around the work, keeping her informed of their comings and goings. Ron, Neil, and I spoke while I was away so I knew what was going on from their perspectives. The guys did a great job. I came home the day after Thanksgiving and found that everything was done very neatly & cleanly, and they minimized the amount of repair work that needs to be done to make my bathroom & bedroom livable again. My final bill was much lower than I expected as well.

I highly recommend these guys if you ever have such an issue in your home. They are professional, friendly, communicative, efficient and live up to their word...in other words, very competent and trustworthy. While I hope that I never have any water damage in my home again, if I do, this is my go to team.

Just recently we had our water heater spring a leak and saturated the wall to our house. We called a water heater repair and installation company and the repairman said it looked pretty bad. He had one of his restoration companies come out to quote us for the repair. They quoted us $3000 for only the demolition and to dry out of the area. This did not even include the work to fix the area after demolition. So we decided to do the work on our own. 

I called our insurance agent Laura Peterson with State Farm to let her know, and ask her opinion. She said that based on our deductible we might be better off not filing a claim unless the damage was more than the deductible. She then said, before you do any work let me send out the restoration company we use SERVPRO to give you a second opinion. She said they were awesome to work with, and might be able to provide us some advice before we start the demo ourselves.  

Robert from SERVPRO came out on a Saturday with little notice, and was just in time before we started the repairs. He checked the inner walls to make sure there was no damage. He then waited while we cut into the wall. It turned out the damage wasn't bad at all, and was only on the wall to the garage. He instructed us on how to fix the problem ourselves, and made sure we felt comfortable before he left. 

With the help of Robert from SERVPRO we ended up saving a minimum of $2900 off the original quote from the first restoration company. 

I am unbelievably thankful that there are honest people out there like Robert who want to do the right thing for their customers, as opposed to charging them unnecessarily for services that are not required. 

I would go back to SERVPRO any time for future restoration needs, and they will be the first people I recommend if any of our friends or acquaintances need help. 

An undetected water leak in my kitchen sink cabinet lead to damage to the entire cabinet and revealed the evidence of mold.

My HO Ins. does not cover mold remediatiion, so the cost of treatment and cleanup of the mold was going to be on my nickel. I am a single senior female so the prospect of a big mold bill was a very big concern for me.

I called a plumber to fix the leak, and my next call was to SERVPRO of Campbell. They were out to my home first thing the next morning.

Very professional! They take the fear out of water damage and mold. When our 2 year old son poured copious amounts of water onto our bathroom floor - resulting in water out into the hall, under the carpet the tile and down the walls to the first floor - they were able to come out the same day, accurately assess the extent of the damage and start drying it up.

They were very responsive and very pragmatic in how they went about pricing and doing the job. Other bids I received were loaded to the hilt and would have cost 4 times what was appropriate for the perceived damage. It turned out I only needed preventive measures that were common sense that the layman would understand..

There crew was always on-time, knowledgeable and thorough and did not try to sell excess procedures.

They also do not do reconstruction and avoid a conflict of interest.