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What To Do After Flooding If You Don’t Have Flood Insurance

7/29/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery centers staffed with recovery specialists from FEMA FEMA can provide four types of assistance.

What to Do If You Don't Have Flood Insurance After a Flood

Homeowners insurance policies typically exclude damage caused by flooding. Residents of flood-prone areas should obtain a separate flood insurance policy, otherwise they will have to pay for damage restoration out of pocket or obtain relief through a federal program. Here are four types of assistance that may be available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

1. Transitional Sheltering and Temporary Housing

After the president declares a federal disaster area, Transitional Sheltering Assistance can lower the cost of staying in a hotel during the days or weeks immediately following a disaster. Homeowners can also seek Temporary Housing Assistance for a period of one month up to 18 months.

2. Grants for Cleanup and Restoration

A homeowner may want to apply for a grant to fund the restoration of a residence located on a flood plane. Grants can be used for repairing structural damage or replacing other losses.

3. Repair and Replacement Assistance

If the location of your home is declared a federal disaster area, you may be eligible for a one-time payment for Repair and Replacement Assistance. This option will not cover the costs of flood damage, and is intended to supplement a flood insurance policy.

4. Low-Interest Loans

It may be possible to obtain loans that have low interest rates to finance residential flood damage repairs. These loans are usually capped at $200,000 for a primary residence and $40,000 for property including renters' losses. Annual interest rates may be as low as 1.75 percent for a 30-year period.

After a federal declaration of emergency, homeowners may benefit from these and other services administered by FEMA. If you obtain flood insurance, you should seek an estimate from storm and water damage restoration experts and make a claim. Professional cleanup and rebuilding services can reduce the likelihood that secondary damage will result from primary flood damage at a residence in San Jose, CA.

What To Do If Your Bathtub or Toilet Overflows

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Bathtub overflowing, clean water flooded a bathroom. Overflowing water in your bathroom can be the result of a sewer backup.

Sewer Backup In Your Bathroom

Plumbing issues can happen to any homeowner. There are several reasons that this can occur, including broken pipes, a clog or blockage, and severe weather in Los Gatos, CA. If you are experiencing a sewer backup in your bathroom, there are a few steps you should take.

1. Turn Off the Water
One of the first things you should do during a toilet or bathtub backup is turn off the water source to your house. This will help limit the amount of water that enters the building. Continuing to use the plumbing can contribute to the overflow.

2. Move Belongings to a Dry Space
Dry items that have not been touched by the overflowing water should be moved to another location to keep them safe. Do not move anything that has been contaminated into a clean area. If there is an excessive amount of water in the room, do not enter it without protective clothing. Water from a sewer backup is highly-contaminated and unsafe.

3. Contain the Flooding Area
Depending on how badly the plumbing fixtures are overflowing, the contaminated water could start to flow into other areas. To keep the water from moving into the rest of the house, block off the bathroom the best you can.

4. Contact a Professional
If you are struggling to take care of the issue on your own, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. A water damage remediation company will be much better equipped to handle sewage water than you are. They can clean it up safely, make necessary repairs and locate the source of the problem as well.
Overflowing water in your bathroom can be the result of a sewer backup, causing contaminated water to enter your home. There are steps that you can take to keep your belongings and home from additional damage, but these should only be done if it is safe for you to do so. Because this water is unsafe to handle without protective gear, contacting a professional is often a better approach than attempting to clean it on your own.

5 FAQs About Flood Insurance

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Flood insurance is a policy you can get to offer protection for your business against flood damage.

Five Flood Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Some areas practically require a flood policy. In other areas, business owners may not have even heard of flood insurance. If you're in this category, you probably have a lot of questions. Here is some information that can help answer your questions.

1. What Is It?
Flood insurance is a policy you can get to offer protection for your business against flood damage. It is either an add-on or a separate policy from your standard commercial insurance policy, which won't cover flood damage.

2. What Does It Cost?
On average, flood insurance for small businesses in Santana Row, CA, is roughly $1,000 per year. However, what you end up paying for your policy is based on your deductible, how much coverage you want, and your risk levels.

3. Is It Necessary?
You may never actually need your flood insurance. In these cases, you may feel like you are wasting your money on commercial insurance when you could be investing it in new equipment or other items. However, if you don't have flood insurance and you experience flood damage, your business could go underwater trying to pay to repair the damage.

4. How Do You Buy It?
To purchase a policy, you're going to need to talk to your commercial insurance agent. You can also search for alternative providers who offer flood insurance. Before reaching out to an agent, ensure your business meets the requirements for the recommended policy. Pick a company that offers a policy in your price range that covers all of your equipment.

5. Are Elevation Certificates Important?
In high-risk zones, elevation certificates are used to calculate the potential costs of hiring a storm remediation company. These are important because they tell your insurer your elevation, compared to typical floodwater heights.
Ultimately, whether you purchase flood insurance should be based on your comfort level with your current FEMA risk zone. However, you could end up in a situation where you need it to prevent your business from failing.

What Is a Flood Cut and Why Is It Necessary?

4/16/2022 (Permalink)

Flood cut performed on drywall In some instances, a flood cut will need to be made to properly restore the function of your building.

If you have experienced flooding in your commercial building, it may be necessary for the restoration company to perform a flood cut. This is probably an unfamiliar term for most business owners, so this guide will provide a brief explanation of what it is and why it is done.

What a Flood Cut Is

When a water restoration company in West Valley, CA, needs to cut the drywall in your building, this is called a flood cut. The reason this is called a flood cut is that the cut is made 12-18 inches above where the flood damage stops. It is done to facilitate drywall tear-out. A flood cut may be performed in a variety of situations:

  • Wall has been touched by sewage water
  • Damage is too severe to save the wall
  • It isn't practical to dry out the wall without removing sections

When a Flood Cut Is Necessary

Flooding sometimes causes sewer lines to back up which can lead to your building being exposed to contamination. A wall that has been contaminated by sewage can not be salvaged because the materials may contain harmful bacteria or pathogens. Additionally, a flood cut needs to be performed on walls that contain insulation, because insulation can not be dried out and still function properly as insulation.

Situations That Do Not Require a Flood Cut

If the water that damaged the wall was from a clean source, such as a pipe leak, and there is no insulation, the restoration company may be able to salvage the wall by using an injection system to dry out the inside of the wall without cutting the drywall. Most restoration companies will make every effort to salvage as much property as possible.
When a building has been damaged by flooding, restoration services will work with you to attempt to salvage your property. However, in some instances, a flood cut will need to be made to properly restore the function of your building.

4 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Roof

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof Missing shingles on a roof.

Four Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

A roof is something that can easily be overlooked, but your Monte Sereno, CA, property relies on it to keep everything underneath it safe and dry. Once roof damage happens, it may mean more than needing a roof rebuild. Missing shingles, damaged membranes and other issues lead to issues that may require the services of water damage and restoration professional. Although the unexpected can happen, the following four tips make it easier for your roof to weather the storms.

1. Preventive Maintenance

The top way to avoid roof damage is to stay on top of maintenance. Business owners should regularly check for any leaks, standing water and blocked drains. These often lead to other issues. Any signs of missing pieces indicate there may be hidden trouble lurking.

2. Regular Inspections

Along with visibly checking the roof, it should be professionally inspected annually. A professional will have the expertise to look for other issues, such as weak spots, sagging and structural issues. Scheduling this inspection may mean the difference between an inexpensive repair and a costly new roof.

3. Keep It Clean

Especially after a storm, it is important to check for wind damage and ensure the roof is clean of leaves and branches. Along with potentially clogging a drain, debris piling up invites the growth of algae. If that happens, it can start to deteriorate the roof faster. It may also lead to mold growth.

4. Inspect Roof Equipment

Most commercial properties have some time of equipment on the roof. Whether an HVAC unit, ventilation, or skylights, these items should be regularly checked to ensure they are functioning properly. If any damage is discovered, repairs should be immediately made to avoid a leak.
Although Mother Nature may eventually lead to some kind of roof damage, staying on top of maintenance and inspections increases the chances of the roof lasting longer.

Should You Invest in Flood Insurance?

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Purchase flood insurance for your commercial property.

Should You Buy Flood Insurance?

Natural disasters often happen without much advance notice, and the damage can be devastating. Fortunately, many types of damage caused by events, such as heavy winds or lightning strikes, are covered by your commercial property insurance, but what about problems such as:

  • Blocked drainage systems
  • Broken dams
  • Overflowing rivers
  • Heavy rains

Some types of disasters require special coverage. For example, you need a special insurance policy if you want protection from this type of water damage. Consider the following questions and answers to determine whether your business needs flood protection.

Q: Doesn't my existing policy cover floods?

A: No. Most commercial insurance policies do not coverage floods, even those caused by hurricanes and similar storms. You'll probably have to turn to a national flood insurance program to get the protection you need to recover after suffering extensive water damage. In many cases, you'll need to work closely with remediation specialists who understand the true depth and scope of flood damages.

Q: How can I determine whether I'm at risk for flooding?

A: There are many areas of the country that aren't at the same level of risk for flooding as others. Location is the top factor in determining whether your business is at high risk. Use an online flood map tool to measure the risk at your location. Consider other factors, such as which floor your business is on and where your inventory is stored.

Q: What does flood insurance cover?

A: It's important to understand that this type of coverage often doesn't protect you from all flood damages. This special insurance does typically cover damage to your building and the contents of your structure. The property outside of your building such as landscaping and business vehicles, may not be covered by this insurance. This insurance probably won't cover your losses due to business interruption.

If you live in a flood zone in Saratoga, CA, you may need the added protection of a flood insurance policy. Don't skimp when it comes to protecting your livelihood.

Three Ways FEMA Helps After a Flood

9/25/2021 (Permalink)

Flood defense Hopefully, these three facts will help you to understand FEMA and your local EMA branches.

If you live in a house that has experienced flood damage after a major disaster-level storm in the West Valley, CA, area, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will likely be on-site at some point. Here are three things that FEMA does to help homeowners like you after flooding has taken place.

1. Send Inspectors to the Site

Inspectors will be sent by this federal agency to storm-damaged homes such as yours for an overall evaluation of the destruction and how extensive it is. If an inspector comes to your house, expect them to take notes, fill out the paperwork with you, conduct interviews and survey each room. Photographs may be taken to document any loss. It is important to have proof of ownership for your property before the agent arrives in order for proper government documentation to take place.

2. Provide Shelter

This agency is well-known for helping increase the availability of shelter to flood and other storm victims, as well. It often works with state and local governments across the country to create and approve FEMA Compliant storm shelters in towns and cities across the United States. Your local Emergency Management Agency, or EMA, office can help you if you want to create a storm-safe area in your residential area.

3. Assist With Disaster Relief

Besides helping communities offer shelter to their residents, this agency helps such areas find funding for natural disasters such as flooding in order to provide for sufferers. Additionally, local EMA branches work with the federal office to get assistance in restoring their communities after storms and other similarly devastating disasters. For more information on how these agencies work together to help people rebuild their lives, talk to your local EMA office.

Hopefully, these three facts will help you to understand what FEMA and your local EMA branches do to help citizens like you after Mother Nature leaves tragedy in her wake. If you do find yourself in such a situation in the future, remember to stay calm and listen to what your local law enforcement says in order to stay as safe as possible.

Flood Aftermath Dos and Don’ts

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

Car rides in heavy rain on a flooded road Do not drive into moving water.

Dos and Don'ts in the Aftermath of a Flood

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, and it can happen in West Valley, CA, or more unusual locations. In the event that floodwater invades your home, there is a shortlist of what not to do to further complicate matters and potentially hamper your recovery efforts.

Don’t Tale Unnecessary Risks

After a flood event, keeping yourself and your family safe is the first priority. Take precautions to protect against injury and illness.

• Do not ignore evacuation advisories or mandates. Get to shelter and return to your home only when it is declared safe to do so.
• Do not drive into moving water. As little as a foot of water can sweep a vehicle away and tip or flip it. Most drowning deaths in floods involve vehicle use.
• Do not swim or wade in standing or moving water. Hidden objects and contamination can injure or sicken you and currents can carry you away.
• Do not wear clothing that is not protective. The contaminants in the deluge can cause serious illness. Debris and hidden hazards can puncture or cut skin.
• Wear rubber boots to protect yourself from electric shock.
• Keep your hands and face out of flood water to minimize the risk of infection.
• Avoid mold-contaminated surfaces that will begin to form within 24-48 hours of inundation.

There will be secondary concerns that you will need to handle correctly. It is natural to want to set things right as quickly as possible in a flooded home. Remediation efforts can begin right away, but first, call your insurer. Schedule an appointment with an adjuster to initiate your claim. Document all water damage with digital photographs and/or video. Thorough documentation will go a long way in negotiating a fair settlement with your insurer.

Flood water comes with certain perils. Make good decisions to stay safe while you wait for it to recede.

Storm Damage vs. Flood Damage: What's the Difference?

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Roof of an office has a hole due to storm damage, white plastic cover has been placed on roof hole Roof damaged due to storm in Campbell, CA.

Is Storm Damage The Same As Flood Damage

There are a lot of things you probably don't want to struggle with on your property, out of everything that could be on that list, flood and storm damage are likely at the top for most people. However, this begs the question: if they're both caused by water, how do you tell them apart? Here's a quick look at the difference between the two.

Storm Damage
Regardless of where it happens in Campbell, CA, damage to property qualifies as storm damage if it was caused by one of the following:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Cyclones
  • Hail
  • Waterspouts
  • Other natural disasters

The physical effects of a storm can usually be seen in the form of damaged shingles, a leaky roof, broken windows, holes in the wall and external house fixtures being torn away from the structure. As long as the damage wasn't caused by the overflow of a body of water during the storm, it should technically qualify as storm damage. It's important to note that earthquakes aren't typically covered in this category.

Flood Damage
Unlike a storm, damage from flooding is typically regarded as any normally dry land being covered by water that has escaped from a river, creek, lake, or other body of water. The damage is still considered flood damage whether or not it was caused naturally or by an external force even if the flood came from a canal, dam or reservoir after being modified, it still qualifies in the same category. If the damage came from a flood that was caused by inclement weather, it should still count as flooding so long as the storm itself isn't what damaged the building.
Whether you're dealing with floods or storm damage in Campbell, CA, it's important to know the difference between the two. Homeowner's insurance can be very particular about what is covered under a specific category, so speak with your agent if you're unsure what you're protected against.

Some Critical Mistakes With Flooding in Campbell That You Should Avoid

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Our storm damage technicians have the equipment and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Proper Cleanup is Necessary after Flood Damage in Campbell

When property floods, various contaminants are introduced. Proper cleanup helps make the property habitable again and also forestalls future problems. You can only clean your Campbell property thoroughly if you understand the contaminants you are facing. We offer professional restoration services to help deal with the different aspects of damage “Like it never even happened.” 

Among the likely problems in cases of flood damage in Campbell is sewage backup. Because sewage is heavily contaminated, removal of porous materials in the affected area before cleanup is necessary. Carpets, pads, and insulation are among the porous materials that should be removed from the contaminated site. Our SERVPRO technicians have the expertise required to handle such removals safely. After removal, we pressure wash the affected area and use professional cleaning agents to eliminate any contaminants left. 

Floodwaters soil the affected areas with mud and other types of dirt. It can even sweep pet waste into concealed places. If such waste stays in place, it leads to foul odors in the house. Our SERVPRO team anticipates such issues, so we check and clean all nooks and crannies where waste may lay hidden. 

Mold infestation is common after a case of flooding. Mold spores are ever-present in any environment and only require enough moisture for growth to occur. Since some of the surfaces affected by the floodwaters, such as wall cavities, remain hidden from view, mold can proliferate long before it is detected. Our SERVPRO technicians remove drywall to access wall cavities for cleanup and thorough drying, diminishing any chances of mold growth. 

Airing the affected property is necessary because it eliminates excess moisture from the air. The process also helps dry any wet materials entirely through evaporation. It is possible to do this by opening doors and windows in ideal conditions, which exchanges the moist indoor air with drier outside air. This approach is known as an open drying system. Our SERVPRO teams use a closed drying system that seals off the affected area, separating it from outside air and air from other parts of the structure unaffected by flooding. After such isolation, it is possible to dry the property faster using air movers and dehumidifiers. 

To overcome challenges from flooding, call SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001. We are available 24/7. 

What Happens When Flood Damage Causes a Move Out of a Home in San Jose?

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team packing box You can trust that your property is in good hands with our experienced team members.

SERVPRO Can Store your Belongings, Secure your Home and Provide Flood Damage Restoration

Sometimes the impact of a storm and consequent flooding can be so severe that occupants must temporarily vacate the property. These situations are rare but can be highly stressful for the homeowner. SERVPRO is a restoration company that you can trust to repair:

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Emergency services water damage
  • Sewage cleanup

Residents with flood damage in San Jose may struggle to find a place to store belongings while restoration takes place temporarily. Our technicians can pack, dry-clean, box, and transport your belongings to a climate-controlled warehouse while the repair is underway. Any items are fully insured during the pack-out process. 

  • Belongings are digitally inventoried before, during, and after storage.
  • We can perform mechanical washing, dry cleaning, and deodorizing of textile items or clothing.
  • Using our digital inventory, technicians can return packed-out items to their original place in your home. 

After a storm event, contact SERVPRO of Campbell for flood damage restoration at (408) 371-4001.

Our Fast and Safe San Jose Flood Damage Cleanup

4/18/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with items floating everywhere Regardless of the room flooded, team SERVPRO can help with water removal services. We work 365 days a year and are standing by 24/7.

San Jose murals face modern threats from storms

San Jose’s roots and history as a center of Mexican-American culture stretch deep. Founded by Spanish settlers in the late 18th Century, the town grew after Mexican independence, accumulating a sizable American community as well.

To commemorate this history and the thriving Hispanic culture in the late 20th Century, artists such as Diego Rivera created over a dozen beautiful murals across the city. From grocery stores to hospitals, previously ugly concrete walls became filled with beautiful imagery of Mexican culture. These murals became so well-known that they would eventually become a tourist attraction for many travelers.

Decades after their creation, these murals appear threatened. In the past decade, at least four of them have disappeared. Some have been painted over, others removed after years of neglect by their building owners. Some local artists worry that, in another decade, there may only be a couple of these painstakingly painted works of art remaining.

Unfortunately, most of the murals reside on private property, affording them few to no protections if the owners want them removed. On the bright side, others have been painted on public buildings or other structures with little to no removal chance. In some form or another, these murals should continue to exist for generations.

The largest library of the West

San Jose calls itself home to a broad selection of academics and brilliant innovators. Perhaps, it is fitting that the largest library in the Western United States rests within our city limits.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, located downtown on San Fernando Street, is an eight-story public library with almost 500,000 square feet of interior space. A favorite of local students, the library dedicates entire floors to quiet or silent study space. Comfortable and modernized interior accommodations facilitate pleasant afternoons of learning and productivity.

Although used mainly by university staff and students, the library is open to the public as part of the San Jose Public Library System. Individuals and families alike can find much to love here. Library amenities include:

  • Library media check-out
  • Public computer access
  • Tutoring services
  • Quiet study areas
  • Educational and vocational events

With a capacity of over two thousand visitors at one time, the facility has more than enough room to accommodate entire social circles with ease. Membership, which includes access to a colossal selection of digital resources, is free to all San Jose residents.

The steps involved for safe and efficient flood damage cleanup

San Jose flood damage can bring debris and contaminants into your home that can often represent a hazard. Whenever floodwaters enter your home from the outside, you should keep away from the area and call in SERVPRO technicians right away. Once they arrive, our professional damage mitigation crews don industry-leading protective equipment before bringing out decontamination tools that include:

  • Sprayers filled with EPA-registered disinfectant products
  • Water extractors that pump out dirty water
  • Chemical and UV light decontamination devices

As the water levels recede and your home dries out, more surfaces become exposed that our prior decontamination efforts may not have reached. As a result, the cleaning process happens constantly throughout the project, with our technicians applying many rounds of treatments to ensure that your home returns to being safe and damage-free.

SERVPRO of Campbell is a local specialist in flood damage mitigation and restoration. Call us 24/7 at (408) 371-4001.

San Jose’s Two Rose Gardens – A Couple of Silicon Valley’s Spectacular Gems

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room with furniture floating everywhere Flood clean up and water removal is our specialty. Contact our team 24/7 for emergency flood damage remediation services.

Perfect for Residents and Tourists of San Jose to Take in the Immense Beauty and View Countless Varieties

Although with different street names (Naglee and Taylor) in downtown San Jose, you can find two gorgeous Rose Gardens on the same road. These dedicated areas bring world-class beauty to our city and show we have more than Silicon Valley’s high-tech offerings.

Roses have different names as well as universal meanings. With red signifying love and white indicating purity and innocence, all the other hues also have meanings. You can learn about these flowers’ names, histories, and even culinary uses, as well, when visiting either of the Gardens.

The Municipal Rose Garden – A Popular Spot for Rose Aficionados

Only the Municipal Rose Garden contains the more recent varieties. Some of the older ones included rose bushes started from cuttings by famous individuals, including Martha Washington. It currently holds around 3,500 different plants of almost 200 variations.

A great amount of attention to the latest rose hybrids meant that several of these older roses got removed from the collection. Many of the newest roses end up here, years before they are available to the public for family gardens and commercial landscaping.

The upgrading and dedication to quality earned the San Jose Municipal Garden the ongoing title of “America’s Best Rose Garden” by the All-America Rose Selections. The organization was so impressed with the Municipal Garden, which is why they send all new varieties to the Municipal Garden for testing before they release them for sale to the public.

Before this happens, though, rose experts check new types of roses for different characteristics. They consider:

  • The number of blooms,
  • Their intensity, as well as uniform coloring,
  • General health, and 
  • Formation of both blossoms and the overall plant.

To make room for the newcomers, the removal of older ones became necessary. Some of these rose specimens were the only ones and became lost forever. The continued loss of older roses gave Tom Liggett the idea of creating a separate location specifically for older specimens.

The Heritage Garden was Not Built First.

Our Rose Gardens hold thousands of varieties, with the Heritage Garden highlighting rose specimens that are as old as four centuries. The Heritage Garden includes roses from other countries on different continents. Visitors can also see some modern varieties here.

Because the Heritage Garden design centers on the protection and preservation of the roses planted there, but with little to no maintenance, there is no playground, nor bathroom facilities or picnic area available.

The meager costs involved in putting the Heritage site together included using otherwise unwanted land. However, the heavy air traffic overhead does nothing to detract from the roses' beauty as it would with a residential neighborhood. Volunteers and the low-cost irrigation system continue to keep costs minimal.

Ways the Public can Enjoy these Rose Gardens.

A special note: When visiting these San Jose Gardens, please do not take any flowers or other natural items. This includes deadheading or removing wilted flowers or broken stems. There are special volunteer programs for those who wish to work in the Gardens. You can call (408) 794-7275 for information about doing this and contributing to San Jose.

Weddings only at the Municipal Rose Garden and require a reservation. There is a specific number to call for special reservations like an upcoming wedding. 408-794-6500. There are two different setups available. One area is for larger weddings and the other for quicker, smaller ceremonies. Both are beautiful and provide new couples with vibrant, living built-in scenery and backdrops.

Park authorities allow non-professional photography at all times in both locations. However, professional photographers, including those used during weddings at the Municipal garden, must obtain a permit before holding any photography session, regardless of other permits and licenses.

Instead of hiring someone to take photos to commemorate your family's milestones, you might find the roses provide the perfect background for many situations. These are only a few suggestions:

  • The birth of a new baby,
  • Graduation from kindergarten through university,
  • Holiday celebrations, and 
  • Adoption of a new family member.

The Municipal Rose Garden has a playground area nearby and includes BBQ grills and picnic tables. Shaded areas also make the area quite enjoyable. Bathrooms and other facilities make the park immensely modern, and dedicated volunteers help keep it clean.

Parks like those in San Jose perform double duty. They do more than make it enjoyable and fun to spend time outside. They also help protect cities when flooding occurs. The expansive grassy areas help absorb extra water and give it extra space to spread out and not damage anything. Both aspects help keep rainwater from turning into flood water that might invade and damage your home.

SERVPRO is always ready to help residents in San Jose effectively deal with flood damage. Our services include restoring the interior and the contents to pre-flood condition wherever possible. We use the latest technological advances and discoveries, combined with highly efficient equipment, to perform the job needed as quickly as possible.

During a flood, a tremendous number of contaminants lodges inside the textured surfaces of your home. Manual cleaning combined with rinsing with clean water removes a large percentage of these organic compounds.

However, it only takes a fraction of the original number to cause odors, mold, and undesired health effects. We no longer rely on the much-used stand-by, ozone, especially in damp locations. Instead, we use hydroxyl-generating machines that provide a much safer approach. Our customers do not need to worry about discoloration or fabrics and carpets in upper levels, nor remove living plants. 

Restoring a flood-damaged home needs a knowledgeable approach to minimize waste and the need to replace otherwise salvageable materials. This includes continuously working with the family involved, as communication helps put a family back in control of their situation.

SERVPRO of Campbell wants to help make your property clean, safe, and dry again after flood damage from storms take their toll. Making your home livable again, “Like it never even happened,” is what we do. Call (408) 371-4001 for a fast emergency response.

Where Can Emergency Services for Flooding Be Found?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home After a storm occurs. You can trust that your home is in good hands with our experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is a San Jose-based Restoration Service for Flood Damage that Operates Twenty-four-hours a Day.

How do I get rid of floodwater in my house?

A consistent period of heavy rainfall can lead to flash-flooding, dam bursts, or groundwater intrusion for the residents of San Jose. When your property becomes flooded, the priority is to remove standing water as quickly as possible. The removal of standing water significantly reduces the extent of harm caused by water migration and the likelihood of structural collapse. SERVPRO technicians refer to this crucial part of restoration as the extraction phase. Our goal is to mitigate losses in the property as much as possible by quickly removing moisture using extraction equipment. 

Factors in deciding what type of water extractor I need?

- The distance of the structure wall to wall

- The height of standing water in the property

- Power accessibility for choosing between pumps or extractors

Does water extraction use a lot of power consumption?

Equipment that we use for Flood Damage Mitigation in your San Jose needs to generate significant energy to transport water. Pumping equipment is generally more power-intensive than extractors. However, both kits may require a vital power source. SERVPRO technicians stock power converters so that we can run extraction equipment of house mains safely. These converters are also equipped to withstand water exposure to ensure they are safe to run. We understand that using mainline electricity may not be possible in a flooded property, so we also stock portable and industrial generators to ensure that extraction can be completed quickly after flooding. 

What types of water extractors are there?

- Extraction units

- Light wands

- Deep extraction tools

- Submersible pumps

Getting rid of standing water in your home is the first step toward returning it to a preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001 now.

Muck-Out Cleaning and Repairs for Flooded San Jose Homes

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

flooded crawlspace, cast iron plumbing SERVPRO can muck out, cleanup, and restore San Jose Homes, from the crawlspace through the living quarters

When creeks and streams rise during the days following prolonged heavy rainfall, you need immediate assistance to reduce the impact of flooding in your home. 

It was not long ago when San Jose experienced its worst flood of the century when water bodies like Coyote Creek rose steadily over several days and breached the banks to flood homes and businesses nearby. Like this traumatic experience affected many structures throughout the city, our SERVPRO of Campbell team stays prepared for the flood mitigation efforts many properties might require after a storm.

Despite how widespread and severe flood damage in San Jose homes becomes, there is little that can get done to resolve these threats without first addressing standing water concerns. Pooling floodwater can be a dangerous scenario both in terms of potential contaminants and structural deterioration and saturation. Extraction is one of the first stages of mitigation and restoration for damaged property, and this involves a combination of several powerful water removal tools in our inventory, including:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Trash Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Truck-Mount Pumps

What Is Muck-Out Cleaning?

Muck-out cleaning is one of the emergency services that our SERVPRO team can offer after a flood disaster. Debris, soiling, and sediment can be considerable threats to a house's occupants and restoring technicians alike. With shoveling, wet/dry vacuuming, and other cleaning tactics, we can remove the most substantial portions of these unsettling threats to the structure. In addition to helping improve the appearance and functions of damaged property, muck-out cleaning also can reduce the presence and concentrations of contaminants like bacterial and viral pathogens.

Whether you need flood removal services or muck-out cleaning after a disaster, you can count on our SERVPRO of Campbell team to help. We have experienced technicians and innovative tools available 24/7 at (408) 371-4001. "Like it never even happened."

How Quickly Can Flooding Happen in My San Jose Home?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Home with flood water Please know how hazardous a flood damage can be to you and your San Jose home. Call SERVPRO right away for mitigation efforts.

After severe storms, damage to your roof can leave you vulnerable to flooding that can begin almost immediately in adverse weather conditions. 

You do not have to think back far to think of the last time a storm was powerful enough to cause structural damages to many of the businesses and homes in San Jose. Once vulnerabilities exist in the exterior of your property, it is much more likely that flooding scenarios can result. Especially in the cases of roof damage, runoff and wind-driven rain can quickly find its way through these penetration points. 

You may not realize the full extent of flood damage in San Jose homes like yours if the situation resulted from roof damages. There is a portion of time when homeowners might be oblivious to the structural damage, allowing flooding to worsen before signs show in the living space beneath the attic. Any pooling water within this upper storage space can move quickly because of unfinished surfaces that can absorb water quickly and push it through the ceiling systems to impact floors beneath it.

What Areas of My Home Can Be Impacted by Migrating Floodwater? 

Knowing how to address these situations as they happen is not often within the wheelhouse of most property owners. Many look to the experience and fast response of our SERVPRO team to help. Extraction is usually a big part of flood recovery, and to do this, we require several capable tools within our inventory. We have many water removal devices, but the most common to flood extraction scenarios like roof breaches include:

Flooding does not have to be a devastating situation for your home, especially when you can get professional restorers moving quickly to assist you. Our SERVPRO of Campbell team is available 24/7 at (408) 371-4001.

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How Is Flooding Happening in the Attic of My San Jose Home?

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Attic with flood water After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

Our SERVPRO team can help to identify penetration points for flooding and work to repair and restore the damage that water has caused. 

Flooding might not always be as apparent as many San Jose homeowners. In some situations, it could take days or even weeks to begin to see the effects of flooding in areas of your house where there is little to no foot traffic. For example, when you do not have a finished attic, a structural compromise that leads to flooding in this area of your house could go unnoticed until the effects migrate to the floors below. 

When it comes to flood damage in San Jose homes that you might not initially recognize, the effects could be destructive. From structural deterioration to migrating moisture concerns through other areas of the residence, our SERVPRO professionals must carefully determine the presence of water and the best approaches to remove it efficiently. You cannot get our experienced assistance without first recognizing a potential problem, however. 

How Do I Know I Have a Problem? 

Recognizing water damage after a storm is not always straightforward. While some flooding scenarios can affect the main floor and crawlspace of your residence, other flooding conditions are more challenging to diagnose. After a severe weather event, it is wise to attempt to inspect areas like the attic when possible for apparent damage. If you cannot do this, some indicators can appear within the days following water damage, including:

  • Damp Surfaces – ceiling tiles and drywall can often be a reliable indicator that a problem exists in the area above by wet spots and dampness to the material. As this condition worsens, it can develop into other conditions like a persistent leak. 
  • Leak in the Ceiling – a steady drip or trickling from the ceiling structural materials can indicate substantial saturation and continued water exposure. This would mean a roof breach and widespread water damage in the space between the roof and the living area. 
  • Sagging Ceiling Materials – Oversaturated ceiling drywall can sag when exposed to higher volumes of migrating water on a prolonged basis. Sagging materials can be a threat to those in the area, so these affected areas must get addressed by our professionals when we first arrive. 
  • Water Staining – A yellow, orange, or red hue can often indicate a persistent water leak in a specific area of your home. Water staining can report a much larger problem beyond the surface. 

How Can SERVPRO Help Immediately? 

There are several strategies for our SERVPRO team when we arrive that can begin right away. Many of our emergency services can often occur before job scoping or mitigation, making them among the most valuable efforts that we conduct to prevent the continued damage to the property. While what a home needs after a flood can vary from one situation to the next, there are specific restorative tasks that can typically occur when attic flood damage exists. These services include the following:

  • Board Up – When structural openings exist like broken windows or missing siding around the attic, wind-driven rain and other precipitation concerns can damage the inside of the house. Our contractors can seal up any openings.
  • Tarping – Roof damages from collapses to missing shingles can allow runoff and direct rainfall into the property, so tarping over these compromised areas prevents further penetration. 
  • Extraction – If standing water exists in this area of your home, it is only a matter of time before water migration brings damage to your living space. Extracting surface water can prevent much of this migration and allow for more efficient drying afterward.
  • Content Management – Many use their attic as a storage space for things that rarely get used throughout the year, such as their Christmas ornaments and keepsakes from the children growing up. Because these stored belongings have sentimental value, content management is critical when our team arrives. We can relocate and restore affected items in the attic with on-site and off-site solutions. 

What Tools Can Dry My Water-Damaged Attic? 

Whether your attic is finished or not, there are specific drying tools and approaches that are the best for this space. Between removing trapped water in the exposed materials and reducing moisture content in the environment, there are several strategies that our team uses to accomplish this:

Flood damages can have a disastrous effect on your home, so the sooner that our SERVPRO of Campbell team can respond the better protected the residence is from harm. We have skilled technicians and advanced tools to help get your attic and connected spaces back to preloss condition. Give us a call anytime at (408) 371-4001.

What Needs to Be Done to Properly Clean Up My Flood Damage?

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

injectidry tubes going into a wall SERVPRO provides advanced equipment for storm damage mitigation to preserve and restore your flood-damaged home in San Jose.

Proper Flood Damage Cleanup in San Jose Requires Expert Water Extraction, Waste Removal, Structural and Content Drying, and Disinfection and Deodorization.

As most San Jose residents know, severe flooding is more than possible in their city.  In fact, it was just three years ago that this “capital” of Silicon Valley experienced its worst floods in a century. Heavy rains caused the county’s largest reservoir to overflow, quickly making Coyote Creek spill over its banks and deluge the surrounding city in feet of water. As a result, many area homes experienced extensive flood damage.

What Gear is Necessary to Clean Up and Restore My Flood-Damaged Home?

San Jose flood damage cleanup and restoration companies, like SERVPRO, use a wide range of advanced tools to quickly and effectively remediate your flood-affected home.  This high-tech gear includes the following:

  • Portable and truck-mounted water extractors to rapidly remove feet of standing water from your residence
  • Submersible pumps to facilitate large water extraction projects
  • Refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers that quickly remove moisture from your home’s air and interiors
  • Air movers and box fans to circulate and dry interior air
  • Injectidry systems that dry difficult-to-reach spaces behind ceilings and walls

SERVPRO technicians, using this equipment, can effectively dry all areas of your house following a flood.

How Does SERVPRO Sanitize My Residence?

After removing standing floodwaters and drying your interiors, our remediation experts sanitize your home with state-of-the-art foggers.  These foggers broadcast the following types of antimicrobials into all affected areas of your house:

  • EPA-approved bacteria, virus, and fungus-killing antimicrobials
  • Pairing agents that combine with harmful particles, causing them to drop from the air onto surfaces where they can be more easily removed
  • Humidity-reducing agents that hinder microorganism survival and growth

These chemical agents help remove the harmful bacteria and viruses deposited by floodwaters from your home. Also, they help prevent future structural damage resulting from dry rot and other fungal issues.   

If you ever need help cleaning and restoring your flood-damaged home, call SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001.

Safety is Our Priority with Flood Damage Restoration in San Jose

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment and drying mat being used on water damaged floor Flooding can happen at any time. SERVPRO is equipped to handle your flood damaged emergencies 24/7.

Safety Training Helps Improve Flood Damage Restoration in San Jose 

When a flood affects your San Jose property, there is a need to start restoration processes quickly. Various issues can impede such restoration. Guaranteeing safety to everyone involved is one such issue. One way professional restorers overcome this obstacle is by providing thorough training of their work crews. That way, technicians can identify and neutralize safety issues allowing work to proceed smoothly. 

Water intrusion during flood damage incidents in San Jose is likely to cause electrical hazards. For example, rising water can reach electrical outlets causing short circuits and increasing the risk of electrocution for anyone who ventures into the damaged property. Our SERVPRO technicians use their training to respond to such hazards in different ways, including the use of correct circuit testers. We use testers that check whether a circuit is both grounded and protected by a GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. 

Although the floodwater collects on the floors and affects other surfaces, various airborne hazards can develop such at a loss site. With proper training, restoration crews can eliminate or minimize such risks. A process like using air movers to increase airflow, thus speeding up the drying process, helps control the excess moisture introduced into the structure by the flooding. However, it can also create other problems such as aerosolizing contaminants. Inhalation of such contaminants can cause health issues. We train our SERVPRO technicians to set up Air Filtration Devices to remove contaminants from the air during the restoration process. We use devices with advanced features such as HEPA filters and activated carbon, which removes 99.97% of particulate matter in the air. 

Sometimes safety issues develop due to poor management of the loss site. Wetness makes most surfaces slick, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Cables and hoses that supply the restoration equipment can also trip people. Our SERVPRO technicians use their skills to plan the loss site, minimizing such risks. We set up a staging area for the equipment used in the restoration, reducing movements to and from the loss site. We also secure cables and hoses to avoid trip hazards. 

Safe restoration of flood damage helps in many ways, including ensuring speedy completion of the process. Call SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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How Wind Storms Damage Roofs in San Jose

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged shingles on roof Wind storm cause lots of damage. We can repair your roof and take care of the water damage Call us today!

Wind Damage to Roofs Can Leave Your San Jose Home Vulnerable 

Weather events that can produce high winds can be as destructive to the roof of your San Jose home as many of the other storm systems that can pass through. As challenging as it might be to inspect your roof after these potential threats thoroughly, there are often several glaring signs that can indicate a need for repair and attention. The faster you can manage these vulnerabilities, the less susceptible your house remains to wind-driven rain, hail, or other precipitation concerns. 

An excellent place to begin your visual inspection to see if a recent wind-storm has broken the roof of a San Jose home is at the edges and the corners of the structure. These are the points where your roof’s structural integrity gets continually tested by higher wind pressure . Budding vulnerabilities along this edge can begin to push up shingles, giving the wind more of a grab on these materials with each subsequent storm without repair. Eventually, as our SERVPRO team has seen, it can lead to considerable portions of shingles to get pulled off at once. 

We have a team of general contractors capable of both roof repairs and emergency tarping services to provide the level of care your property needs at any given time. Exposed areas like insulation and underlayment can allow for water penetration into the house. Moisture and water damage can become a harmful situation when undetected in an attic space. While our SERVPRO team can help with water losses, we want to save you time and money by repairing wind damaged roofs before it becomes a more costly situation. 

Looking over the roof yourself is not always something that homeowners are capable of, but our team can help with a thorough and honest inspection. We are looking for curling or missing shingles, and other vulnerabilities to areas like the soffit, eaves, flashing, and chimneys. We can also perform an interior inspection to ensure water damage and microbial threats have not developed from moisture penetration. We have a full team of qualified and experienced general contractors that can help with full-scale roof repairs, tarping, and even tree removal if the need arises. 

Wind can be a destructive force in nature, even without the accompanying torrential rainfall or other precipitation. If you feel like your home suffered damages in a recent windstorm, give our SERVPRO of Campbell team a call to help at (408) 371-4001. 

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How to Take the Headache Out of Flood Damage in Your San Jose Home

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

 flood waters outside a home Call now for SERVPRO to come and remediate flood damage in your San Jose home.

Understanding Controlled Demolition in Mitigating and Remediation San Jose Flood Damage

When large quantities of water enter your San Jose home, it is not only the visible flooding that needs to be managed. Water migrates, soaking into fixtures, structural components, and building cavities. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians have skills in detecting where the water traveled within your home. We use research-based yet practical strategies to contain, remove, and dispose of the water. Effective and efficient drying techniques then return your home to normal moisture levels.

The Flow of Flood Water

A storm or major plumbing or appliance breakdown can send thousands of gallons of fluid into your San Jose home. Flood damage requires a fast and professional response aimed at removing standing water and absorbed moisture fast. Water seeks cracks and joints through which to flow, disappearing on surfaces only to collect in building cavities between, behind, over, and under structural components.

Controlled Demolition Aids Mitigation Efforts

SERVPRO uses sensitive moisture probes and sophisticated technology like thermal imaging cameras to detect the pathways of the floodwater. Our technicians keep careful records, preserving the data so we can be sure all floodwater is extracted and disposed of according to local hazardous waste regulations. To reach caches of water, we use strategies like flood cuts. Our team uses special saws to cut wallboard several inches above the water line to the floor to release fluids for removal. Opening up walls also serves to enhance the effectiveness of our air movers and heaters as we work to transfer absorbed water into the air as vapor. That vapor is condensed or absorbed by dehumidifiers for permanent removal from your home.

Other Approaches to Expose Floodwater for Removal

The SERVPRO team also considers punching holes to release the water trapped behind paint, wallpaper, paneling, and ceiling tiles. Baseboard drill holes allow warm, moving air into confined spaces. Mortar joints also are targeted places to create ventilation holes to access water caught in cinder block cells or other brick construction.

Straightforward Repairs Instead of Extensive Tear Outs Later

If water is left hidden, it continues to contribute to deterioration and can provide a perfect environment for microbial growth. Repairing strategically placed cuts and small drill holes is a less disruptive answer than pulling whole walls or ceilings down because the water remained.

SERVPRO of Campbell is prepared with trained crews and state of the air equipment to meet your flood damage mitigation and remediation needs. Call us at (408) 371-4001 to schedule an appointment now.

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Walls, Baseboards, and Flooding in San Jose

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment drying wood floor This water damage was no match for SERVPRO. We have the equipment and know how to complete the job.

Preparation is Key in Restoring Your San Jose Home After Flood Damage 

San Jose and its surrounding areas are home to some of the top minds in the country. Industry leaders, disruptors, and innovators are all part of the community. However, even the best and the brightest are no match for Mother Nature, and the last few years have certainly taught us just how powerful it can be. Fires and flooding have become a genuine danger to our region, and bouncing back from these disasters is no small feat. Luckily, experts in the water and fire restoration arena are readily available to guide the renewal and rebuilding after disaster strikes.  

San Jose homeowners afflicted by flood damage can count on SERVPRO to return their homes to pristine condition. A truly professional group understands the theory behind drying techniques and utilizes the latest equipment within that framework for optimal results. Our team begins by training in the field of psychometry to learn the principles under which humidity and moisture levels can affect a building structure. With this knowledge, we can apply ourselves to the drying process while we minimize your losses. 

Flooding is generally the result of a natural disaster that causes outside contaminants to enter your home. Aside from the nature of the water entering your house, our SERVPRO crew also considers the amount of water itself. These two variables guide our efforts as we restore your home. Take, for example, when water saturates your walls. Sometimes, not always, the water may seep inside the actual wall cavity. When this happens, ventilation is crucial to dry the space and any insulation within it. Our team can remove baseboards to drill small holes into your wall and allow hot air to ventilate the cavity and preserve its integrity. If there is a concern around mildew or mold, our experts may opt to remove the insulation altogether in the interest of protecting your health. This approach to drying your home is possible due to the technical training and expertise of our technicians. 

SERVPRO of Campbell is your very own team of professional water restoration technicians. Just reach out to us by calling (408) 371-4001 and inviting us into your house. Like you, we strive to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.” 

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Even Minor Flood Damage In Your San Jose Home Requires Our Help

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is ready 24/7 to turn around flood damage in homes with our advanced equipment and certified technicians.

Even A Small Amount Of Flood Damage In San Jose Home Needs Pro Assistance

Flood damage in this part of California, fueled by the Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek, frequently results in damage to local homes. Locally heavy storms can also result in flash floods, which leads to groundwater entering a home. We handle this type of water damage as a biohazard as coming into contact with the groundwater can be dangerous for both humans and pets.

When SERVPRO answered a call to clean up flood damage in a San Jose home, we dispatched our emergency response team to the location and found the homeowner previously cleaned up the water but was unhappy due to a pungent odor that remained. He had concerns water remained somewhere in the room. Common secondary issues from inadequate water cleanup are:

    •    Pungent odors
    •    Warped or softened sheetrock
    •    Buckled hardwood flooring
    •    Delaminated tiles
    •    Mold growth

We used our moisture detection equipment and found numerous areas in the room that took on water, including the padding in the carpet. The homeowner dried a portion of the wet carpet, not realizing the padding remained damp. We also found excessive moisture behind the baseboards in part of the room. Luckily, the hardwood baseboards showed no signs of warping. SERVPRO technicians determined with cleaning and disinfection, they had the potential for restoration and reuse.

We used our weighted extractors to push the residual moisture to the surface of the carpet for easy removal. The carpet and padding were a loss and required replacement as groundwater contaminated them, and there was no way to return them to a sanitary standard for reinstallation. Amazingly, the subfloor remained unaffected by the floodwater.

Our air movers made short work of drying the water loss areas in the house, and SERVPRO technicians hand cleaned all the surfaces to disinfect them. Once we completed the room restoration efforts, a slight odor remained. Our certified Odor Control Technicians worked to eradicate the remaining water odor to leave the room fresh and ready for the new carpet installation.

SERVPRO of Campbell is ready 24/7 to turn around flood damage in homes with our advanced equipment and certified technicians we can make any size water loss “Like it never even happened.” Call (408) 371-4001 today!

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The Way to San Jose Storm Damage Restoration Is Through SERVPRO

8/8/2019 (Permalink)

Flood Relief for San Jose Is Just a Green SERVPRO Vehicle Away

Flood Damage Cleanup in San Jose Home

Flood damage is one of the most frequent types of damage and losses average over 8 billion dollars every year. This sobering statistic from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) states a single inch of water averages over $10,000 worth in water loss damages. Saving as much of your home and possessions as possible is dependent on how quickly the cleanup efforts begin. The longer excessive moisture remains in the house, the more chances for softening of building materials, foul odors, and mold.

When SERVPRO cleans up flood damage in a San Jose home, even though we arrive within an hour after the initial call, often the majority of the water has receded and migrated into walls, under flooring and other elements of the structure have been damage. To locate all areas of excessive moisture, we scope the property with various types of detection equipment. We have the ability with our thermal imaging to "look" behind walls.

Standard actions during flood mitigation include:
?    Removal of damaged sheetrock and other water loss items
?    Drilling of weep holes to help with drainage and airflow
?    Organized pack out of undamaged item to clear the worksite
?    Coordination with the adjuster to stay within the coverage parameters

Water extraction takes precise planning and execution because the more moisture we remove upfront, the less time it takes to dry the structure. If the flood in the home is the result of groundwater, many porous objects such as carpet and padding are generally a loss due to the inability to restore them to sanitary levels for reuse.

SERVPRO technicians go through the flood-damaged areas as they clean up debris and remove water to look through items for things that have restoration potential. We either handle it on-site or pack out items to our secure facility for cleaning and deodorization. We document items using the CCIS Contents Claim Inventory Service technology, even on a room by room basis, to make the claims process that much easier.

Flood damage requires fast action. Call SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001 as our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to mitigate any amount of water loss in your home, and We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Why Our Remediation Service Technicians Are The Leaders In San Jose

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

We completely dried the structure and removed damaged material after this house had a leak. We also applied an antimicrobial to prevent mold growth.

Prevent Additional Flood Damage to Your San Jose Residence By Seeking Prompt Remediation

Flooding causes various kinds of damage to buildings and needs to be dealt with promptly. It promotes the growth of fungi like Aspergillus and Penicillium. These fungi can lurk in wallboards and other hard to access areas, contaminating the air in your home. Water in your home can also cause mildew and mold to grow on clothing closets, drapes, inside the walls and attics among other places. Mold and mildew can cause upper respiratory health problems, musty odors, and financial devastation as you work to fix the damage caused to the structure of your residence.

To prevent the dangers associated with flood damage in your San Jose residence, you need to hire professionals who can remove the water, toxins, and odors left behind. The remediation service technicians at SERVPRO are qualified to handle biohazards. We can remove toxins and pathogens from the affected areas. Our technicians have the training, specialized equipment, and protective gear to clean this kind of contamination. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment like chemical resistant gloves, heavy duty gloves, rubber boots, and full body suits to stay safe.

The biohazard contamination of your home can increase your stress levels. Our technicians treat every customer with compassion and sensitivity. We seek to exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to restoring their flood-damaged homes. We have extraction, air moving, dehumidification, and deodorization equipment that makes our job easier and enables us to provide a higher level of service.

Flood damage may also leave bad odors in your home. Eliminating these odors without having to rip up the flooring and replace everything is daunting. When black water damages some kinds of flooring, such as carpets, we recommend replacing them. After replacing the flooring, using an ozone generator is the most appropriate way to deal with the awful orders. SERVPRO technicians can set up the ozone generators in your home to get rid of bad odors. These machines are useful in cleaning, sanitizing and removing all types of foul odors.

When there is flood damage in your home, our technicians have the expertise to make it appear “Like it never even happened.” Contact SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001 for cleanup, drying and deodorization services. We serve the residents of San Jose, Fremont, and Campbell among other neighboring communities.

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How SERVPRO Franchise Professionals Restore Your Flood Damaged Saratoga Home

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used Each van in our Green Fleet is loaded with equipment to remove flood water quickly.

A flooding incident can happen any time even a few days after dealing with a similar incident. Hiring a professional restorer eliminates the burden a homeowner would have to shoulder doing the cleanup and restoration. Involving a professional also ensures the best steps are utilized at every stage, whether it is cleanup to restore sanitary conditions or to dry all excess moisture to forestall problems likely to develop in future.  

Incidents of flood damage in Saratoga present a cocktail of problems. Apart from the water reaching different parts of the house, it is also likely to deposit wastes and contaminants such as silt, raw sewage, pesticides and other chemicals in the affected areas. Removing these wastes is not easy without the right equipment and skills. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals use simple tools like shovels and brushes or advanced equipment like power washers to remove silt, debris, and other soils, which guarantees better outcomes.  

Restoring a flood-damaged property can be a costly affair especially if you have to replace many items and materials affected by the water. The processes of removing all the water may also involve teardown, which drives the cost even higher. If you can reduce the level of damage from teardown, you can save some cost. Our SERVPRO technicians follow specific procedures such as performing a flood cut 2 feet above the water line, drilling ¼-inch weep holes or 1½-inch vent holes to access wall cavities. By doing this, we reduce the level of destruction while creating enough access room.  

Flooding incidents and the cleanup process that follows leave moisture in concealed spaces which if not addressed can lead to mold infestation and rot among other issues. Tearing down materials in these areas to reach the moisture can be useful, but it is also likely to extend the work or lead to extra costs. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals try to avoid such extra problems where possible by using specialized equipment such as the injecti-dry system, which is effective and minimizes the need for teardown.  

Dealing with damages from flooding in San Jose, Fremont and Campbell should not be too difficult. Call SERVPRO of Campbell at (408) 371-4001 to help you. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Saratoga began as a sawmill.  Read more here.

A Flood Damage Restoration Team Can Help You After A San Jose Storm

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

A San Jose home that has been effected by water damage after a storm.

Making The Most Of Flood Damage Restoration Services Available Throughout San Jose

There are more than a few reasons why professionals recommend starting flood damage cleanup in your San Jose home fast. You want to attempt to get everything under control quickly, avoiding secondary damages, and structural integrity problems that often develop after a flood.

Naturally, everyone’s first concern after flood damage occurs in your San Jose home is your safety. You want a restoration company that can provide you with as many services as possible, things that help protect your family as well as your home. Everything from IICRC certification to advanced training in odor removal and asset recovery should be well within your technical team's wheelhouse.

The longer water has to sit around your house, the easier it becomes to penetrate certain materials. Bacteria, mold, and other pathogens often accompany flood waters into your home. Keeping your family safely out of harm’s way and providing you with excellent flood damage restoration services is what SERVPRO is all about. Our initial inspection after a flood addresses every inch of the affected area. We can also check the surrounding area for any hazards or those that may develop over time if given the opportunity.

Water can get into your furniture, leaving stains, odors and additional damage behind. SERVPRO’s technicians put many restoration methods to use. We can remove water with extraction equipment, normalizing moisture levels from the inside out, preventing cracking, separation, tearing, and splitting that often occurs after items are affected by flood waters. No item should be considered non-restorable until after your restoration specialist has an opportunity to look things over. It is conceivable that you might be surprised by the sheer number of items we can restore that you would otherwise consider lost.

SERVPRO has entire flood damage restoration teams available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We pride ourselves on providing quality cleanup and restoration services that you and your family can count on to get things back up and running quickly. You are never alone, there are professionals available, day or night, to help, regardless of the size of your flood damage situation.

Our team at SERVPRO of Campbell provides expert solutions to flood damage throughout the surrounding areas of Saratoga, Monte Sereno, and Los Gatos. Call us for help, today. (602) 507-6163

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Important Steps To Take Before Our Experts Arrive At Your Flood Damaged San Jose Home

11/5/2018 (Permalink)

While most of the drying and mitigation work should be left to the professionals, we recommend taking a few steps while waiting for us to arrive.

How To Help Start The Flood Damage Drying Process In San Jose Before We Arrive

When flood damage hits San Jose, many local homeowners struggle to figure out what to do to protect their property best. Although professional damage mitigation companies like SERVPRO can arrive at your home within hours of the disaster happening, it may still be important to begin some minor preventative treatments before a crew of technicians arrives. While most of the drying and mitigation work should be left to the professionals, we recommend taking a few steps while waiting for us to arrive.

Turn on the A/C and Start Mopping
Unless there is still standing water in your flood damaged San Jose home, you can immediately begin the drying process by activating the home's air conditioning system and beginning to mop up excess water. You most likely cannot mop the entire home before SERVPRO arrives to start drying on an industrial scale, but removing moisture early on can be an important preventative measure against permanent damage to the flooring materials and home foundation. You can also wipe down wood furniture and countertops to achieve a similar effect.

Separate Objects
By providing space between objects and surfaces, you allow them to dry out faster and not spread water between materials. Placing wood blocks, aluminum foil or any other non-porous barrier between the legs of furniture and the ground promotes faster drying and decreases the time we need to take to dry and restore these objects once we arrive. Also, try to separate any pillows, sheets, cushions, and other components of furniture so that they do not trap moisture between them.

Pick Up and Remove Debris
Removing debris and small objects from the floor of your home can help to accelerate our initial drying process. However, be careful not to touch anything that could pose a safety hazard, such as shards of ceramic or pieces of damaged metal. SERVPRO technicians wear advanced safety gear to protect them from anything the flood might drag in.

SERVPRO of Campbell stands ready to respond to local cases of flood damage on a 24/7 basis. Call us at (408) 371-4001 for our help.

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Our Professional Guide To Flood Damage Restoration In San Jose

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

If your home falls victim to unexpected flash flooding, we are ready to lend a hand.

Professional Help For Flood Damage In San Jose

San Jose covers much geographical area and features many micro-climates. Although the rainfall totals are not above average community-wide, and the city can have an arid feel, the fact is that flooding is possible from rain showers and storms here and in the surrounding mountains. If your home falls victim to unexpected flash flooding, we are ready to lend a hand.

When overflows from the creeks and other waterways in San Jose cause flood damage to your home, a list of many tasks needs to be completed to return your abode to preloss condition. It is also imperative that response is fast and professional, with trained technicians and commercial grade equipment available to aid the recovery. One of the cornerstones of our service covers all aspects of flood assessment, water removal, and structural drying.

Waters from overland flooding by definition are contaminated. Many different hazards find their ways into the water washing across roadways and yards and industrial sites. If roads are flooding the sewer system often backs up, sometimes depositing human waste into the lower areas of your home. When SERVPRO arrives at your home, a quick assessment of the quality of water trapped inside your home guides our crew as to their next steps.

Category 3 or black water contains sewage and debris like dead insects and animals. Landscaping and roadway residues like fertilizers, pesticides, and oil or gas are toxic. Water filled with these substances is hazardous and must be contained and disposed of according to local regulations. SERVPRO crews understand the rules concerning flood waters and are familiar with the proper procedures required to remediate them. We also carry and use EPA registered disinfectants that treat flooded areas to kill a wide range of pathogens.

Our service vehicles have all the equipment needed to pump and extract the flood waters out of your home. SERVPRO employees also master moisture metering and thermal scanning detectors to find hidden pockets of water for release and removal. Any moisture left behind continues to break down building materials and threatens your home with the potential for mold damage. Any lingering contaminated flood water also poses a risk of exposing your family to dangerous viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

SERVPRO of Campbell has the expertise, proven cleaning, and disinfecting products, and water removal tools to manage your residential flooding needs. Contact us at (408) 371-4001 as soon as possible after the flooding for the best possible outcome.

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